Gaming Tokenomics

Burn mechanics:

Within the Axie Infinity ecosystem there exists a burn mechanic fused with breeding functionality. An interesting attribute that they monitor is the amount of burn done per day. Here’s a tweet of an analytical dashboard of what happens with $SLP token from a burn and marketplace usage perspective.

Toolkits and Frameworks:

There are various toolkits and frameworks available for new game developers to start buidling games, especially on Ethereum or EVM based alt chains. For instance, the team at Game Starter support game developers with a Token Launch, an NFT store, a Staking solution and Unity 3D authentication.

Token distribution:

Token distribution is mostly done through rewarding community participation in-game or on social media for example. Players can earn tokens in-game then bridge them on-chain for storage within their personal wallet.


Keep jamming those games and good luck on your project if you make them too.



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